We work - for you and with you - to develop and maintain a high quality service.

Quality and safety are an integral part of our transport, logistics and freight forwarding services. Our teams take maximum care of your products, personal responsibility for the satisfaction of your customers, and take care to protect your brand and image. Our objective is to support your growth. Managing quality means meeting our agreed key performance indicators. It also means enabling all Platinum employees to develop the highest operational standards through our proactive training policy.

Our strategies for developing excellence

  • Our quality management system monitors customer satisfaction at all levels, while our training policy develops our employees’ skills, so that we can provide you with an even better service.
  • Full compliance with the current local and Global regulations (including ISO, SQAS and HACCP standards).


Focus: Our quality management system

Our effective quality management system delivers optimized operating methods, making your customer service even more efficient, resulting in increased satisfaction for you and your customers. This is why Platinum teams are committed to collecting and using data and information for quality management purposes.

A dynamic continuous improvement system:

  • Identifies your needs and those of your customers
  • Enables us to organize ourselves so that we can meet these needs
  • Measures quality levels based on performance indicators
  • Makes it possible to implement preventive or corrective measures