Need reliable and efficient logistics in order to guarantee your cold chain?

As a manufacturer or a retailer, you want to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, based on maximum product availability and full respect of the cold chain. As leading Saudi cold logistics experts, Platinum experts design tailor-made solutions in order to integrate your supply chain, reduce handling of your fresh or frozen products and optimize deliveries.

Our temperature controlled logistics expertise

  • Goods transported from factory to warehouse - throughout Saudi Arabia
  • Preparation and management of stock under controlled temperature (-24 C)
  • Preparation of products for marketing.
  • Product traceability and management of guaranteed-date contracts
  • Transport organization and execution of deliveries
  • Performance management
  • HACCP procedures
  • Environmental site management (HQE depots)
  • Cutting-edge infrastructures, with automated systems aimed at optimizing the receipt and loading of products, as well as order preparation

Your performance factors

  • Rapid and accurate response to seasonal variations in demand
  • Optimizing your costs: reduced handling, transport, stock volumes (JIT management), investment and running costs
  • End consumer satisfaction: guaranteed product availability and greater variety
  • Traceability of products and deliveries: IOD and POD available in real time, information sharing via EDI, dedicated information systems
  • A single interface between you and all your frozen product suppliers